Love the breadth, depth, and detail of "After the Creator Economy," and the production/distribution methods to create and share it. Thanks so much! I teach and study Arts Management, so it was sobering that the nonprofit arts and culture structure or ecosystem was almost entirely absent from the narrative.

I'm not complaining – perhaps nonprofit arts organizations aren't relevant to the next wave of creative practice (although that would be a shame). But nonprofit arts organizations have been a large part of the "plural sector" for more than 50 years. They're owned by nobody (in contrast to private and public sector efforts). They're (in theory) structured and governed in the public trust. And they're places of employment (full-time an contract) for lots of creative people.

Curious where you all see the utility or entangling of the nonprofit ecology with what you're describing here.

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Got R. 06 in the mail a few weeks ago and love it. Beautiful and insightful. Thank y'all so much for making it <3

A question I had about the term "metalabel." How is it structurally different than say... a "corporation?" Is it just vocabulary distinction? (Obviously "corporation" has a certain baggage, while "label" project something entirely different.)

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